Thank you for your interest in Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK). UPK is a New York State grant-funded program to prepare 4-year-olds for kindergarten. All New Rochelle residents, with children born in 2017, are eligible to apply for an open lottery seat at either Barnard Early Childhood Center or an approved community-based organization. UPK registration is for one academic year. When ready to enter Kindergarten, students may begin at their neighborhood school or reenter the lottery for a kindergarten seat, if available at a school offering magnet programming.

In years past the district utilized a paper and pencil process for interested families to register their student(s) for the UPK and Magnet Lottery. This year, the City School District of New Rochelle will be moving toward an online application process. This move will allow the district to manage applications with greater efficiency.  In addition, this will minimize the need for families to travel to various locations to complete the lottery entrance process, allowing families to complete registration any day and at any time in the comfort of their own home via technology available to them.  We believe that a move to an online process will enable us to proceed with less face-to-face interactions and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

UPK LOTTERY: The final day to to submit an entry for the lottery has passed.

MAGNET LOTTERY The final day to to submit an entry for the lottery has passed.

The actual lottery itself will take place the week of March 15th and families will subsequently be notified.

New Resource for Parents of Emergent Multilingual Learners in Prekindergarten Programs

The Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages recently released the Welcome Families of Emergent Multilingual Learners to Prekindergarten in New York State brochure. This brochure was created to help parents see the value that using their home language has for our EMLs, and to help answer four common questions they might have: “Should we speak English at home?”; “How will my child be assessed?”; “Will my child get confused?”; and “How can I help?” The brochure is available in the following 11 languages:

 English.pdf  Spanish.pdf  Urdu.pdf  French.pdf  Haitian Creole.pdf  Arabic.pdf  Bengali.pdf  Chinese.pdf  Karen.pdf  Russian.pdf  Uzbek.pdf