Message from Principals

Dear Barnard Families:

We are excited to welcome back our returning students and extend a heartfelt welcome to our new students for the 2019-2020 school year! I am so excited to welcome our new Assistant Principal, Candice Lee. Mrs. Lee comes to Barnard with over 17 years of experience working with children in the primary grades and specializes in Bilingual/ENL education and inclusive practices. 

We look forward to continuing our vision - teaching the whole child and creating a passion for lifelong learning for every student in our Barnard community. Your children will have the opportunity to learn and grow together as a community, and individually as a result of a wide variety of teaching and learning modalities that meet both the academic and social/emotional needs of children. Barnard Early Childhood Center’s teachers and staff take pride in our abilities to understand the development of children in their most formative years of brain development. We believe in the practice of ALL means ALL as it pertains to every child’s potential and ability to learn. 

In addition, we are committed to keeping the lines of communication open for all parents/guardians. You are always welcome to email your child’s teachers, and meet with them personally through parent teacher conferences to discuss your child’s progress and needs. Establishing a positive home-school connection is a primary goal for us as we recognize and value this connection and its direct correlation to academic achievement. We are also available to answer questions via email and to meet whenever the need arises.

At Barnard, your children will have fun learning and playing together, and growing in every area of child development. Cheers to another great school year! To the newest members of our community, welcome to a very special place to be with people who cherish each opportunity to help children achieve their potential.


Dr. Nicolas Cracco



Candice Lee

Assistant Principal

New Rochelle Schools Closed Through April 15

Accessing the Distance Learning Plan

Acceso al Plan de aprendizaje a distancia (ESP)

PTA and PTAC School Spirit and Solidarity

On behalf of the PTA and PTA Council, we are happy to share that they are putting together a community sharing project for all New Rochelle Schools to show school spirit and solidarity. They are asking for families, teachers, administrators and community members to share moments of your family doing schoolwork, outdoor activities, letters to our teachers, letters from our teachers, family time and more. You can submit these photos or videos via Facebook to the PTA Council New Rochelle or email it to Please submit your videos or photos by Tuesday, March 31st. Barnard’s videos will be shown on Friday, April 3.

En nombre del PTA y el consular del PTA, nos complace compartir que están organizando un proyecto de intercambio comunitario para todas las Escuelas de New Rochelle para mostrar el espíritu y la solidaridad de la escuela. Piden que las familias, las maestras, los administradores y los miembros de la comunidad compartan momentos de su familia haciendo tareas escolares, actividades al aire libre, cartas a nuestros maestras, cartas de nuestros maestras, tiempo en familia y más. Puede enviar estas fotos o videos a través de Facebook al Consular del PTA New Rochelle o enviarlo por correo electrónico a Envíe sus videos o fotos antes del martes 31 de marzo. Los videos de Barnard se mostrarán el viernes 3 de abril.


Italians are trying to boost their morale and have started spreading a slogan of reassurance: “Andrà tutto bene” – everything will be all right.

Our Italian Teacher, Mrs. Bruno, had students create their own "Andra’ tutto bene"

More photos can be found here. 


Madison, Jeremy, Maxwell, Liliana and her brother Leo


Barnard Students hard at work


Morning Announcements from Kindergarten Barnard Student Giordana Peduto-Pappas during school closure. 


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please see the "Distance Learning Plan" tab for continued learning for your child’s grade during the New Rochelle school closure.


Dr. Cracco

email -


Queridos padres y guardianes,

Consulte el "Distance Learning Plan" para la educación continua de sus hijos durante el cierre de la escuela New Rochelle.


Dr. Cracco

email -


Authors and Temporary Library Pass available at NR Public Library

Palmer's Paper Puppet Play with David Hyde Costello- Part 1

The author, David Hyde Costello, who wrote and illustrated  one of our favorite books,  I Can Helpimage.png has a video about creating a story using puppets. If you would like to see it, click here for the link.


New Rochelle Public Library

If you have never had a New Rochelle Public Library card, please go to the below link to get a temporary library card to provide you access to the library's digital services (eBooks, audiobooks, streaming video services). The library card is available to residents of New Rochelle and all people who work, own property, or attend school in New Rochelle.

Link to application

Si usted nunca ha aplicado para obtener una tarjeta de la Biblioteca Pública de New Rochelle, por favor complete el formulario siguiente para adquirirr una tarjeta temporal de la biblioteca, con la cual tendrá acceso a nuestra colección de servicios digitales ( libros electrónicos, audiolibros, servicios de transmisión de video). La tarjeta está disponible para todos los residentes de la ciudad de New Rochelle al igual que para cualquier otra persona que trabaje, tenga una propiedad o asista a la escuela en New Rochelle.

Enlace a la solicitud en español

Primary Project at Barnard!

Find out more information about Primary Project. Click here!



New Rochelle Barnard students are fabulous waste sorters. The whole school populations has never seen anything but carefully separating their lunch waste into excess liquid, food waste, and recyclable and non-recyclable packaging.

Students know to walk up to the recycling station after lunch and sort their left overs, under the caring and watchful eye of Nick, the lunchroom cleaner.

  Recently, We Future Cycle presenters were invited to play some more with the students all around sustainability and material identification.

Knowing what is recyclable and what not is the key to doing it right. Wishful recycling, as in just putting stuff into the green bin, is actually counter productive and creates many problems at the material recovery facility in Yonkers.

Students sat in front of a large pile of common packaging material of all types and were playfully “helping” the presenter to place the items into the correct bin. Most rigid packaging materials made out of plastics, aluminum, carton or glass are fully recyclable in Westchester County.

We Future Cycle shared with the adults in the room that Styrofoam contains Styrene, which is now a classified human carcinogen and banned in New York City, with legislation on the books in Albany to make it a state wide ban.

Students also learned that it is easy to avoid making trash. We Future Cycle presenters shared with them just how much they personally did not like to create trash.

Students learned that -oh big surprise- gold fish taste the same if they are packaged in a plastic zip lock baggie or in a reusable container. After learning about where the trash goes and that baggies end up in the trash, every single one of them responsibly voted that reusable containers are a much better choice for our world.

A harder sell were juice pouches. Juice pouches are one of the worst packaging offenders in existence. Valuable aluminum foil is sandwiched between two layers of plastic. Unrecyclable and thus adding to the whopping 2500 tons of trash generated in Westchester County every single day. All for 2 min of sugar laced drink. Students learned and agreed, that a reusable water bottle is a much better idea for our world.